How Simcoe Osteopathy Can Help You

Do you have back pain, sciatica, numbness or tingling down your arm or leg, neck pain, headache?

These are very common complaints, however, this is a small sampling of the many health issues that can be helped with Osteopathy.

Your initial appointment will encompass a thorough assessment and osteopathic treatment session moving you to a healthier body with reduced aches and pains that result from untreated postural dysfunction.

As an osteopathic manual practitioner, I have worked with thousands of patients and understand the functional anatomy and physiology that may present as dysfunctional postural patterns in the body. Patients express symptoms such as pain and disturbed body function in endless ways.

My work revolves around discovering and unravelling the source of these dysfunctional patterns in the body in order to support and encourage the body's natural healing ability.

Osteopathic care leads to corrected body structure which ultimately yields great health and vitality.

Benefits of Osteopathy

Osteopathy addresses pain and the more importantly the source of the pain

  • Enables the reduction of pain that is chronic or acute
  • Increases spinal function
  • Increases upper and lower limb joint function by addressing the source of the problem
  • Normalizes dysfunctional postural patterns that lead to compromised health

Osteopathy works with you through non-invasive gentle movement

  • Movement of the body is paramount in osteopathic treatment. 
  • Correction of abnormal movement improves your framework (muscular and skeletal system) leading to improved health in all tissues and all systems in the body 
  • Osteopathy supports the self-healing and self-regulating mechanism of all systems in the body 

Osteopathy supports stabilization of the body to optimally adapt to changes that occur 

  • Decreases swelling, inflammation, adhesions and pain in injury 
  • Reduces healing time and treats trauma resulting from accidents and occupational stressors (i.e. sport injuries, falls, sprains/strains, etc.)
  • During pregnancy the body undergoes many hormonal and structural changes that can be experienced with ease 
  • Osteopathy is appropriate for all ages