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Educational Standards for Osteopathic Practitioners

All members of the OOA have a minimum 4 years of osteopathic education. This education must total a minimum of 4400 hours, and include a minimum of 1000 hours in Supervised Practical Training.  All members of the OOA are required to meet the following criteria for membership application and renewal.

  • Must hold valid professional malpractice and liability coverage (recommended 5 million in coverage)
  • Adhere to the OOA Standards of Practice
  • Comply to the laws of Ontario
  • Satisfy the annual Continuing Education requirements of the OOA

Canadian Trained Practitioners

The only Canadian credential in osteopathic education currently accepted by the OOA is the M. OMSc diploma (Master in practice diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences) from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. This school currently exceeds the OOA minimum education standard.

As well, the Ontario Osteopathic Association also accepts individuals who have completed an education that meets the World Health Organizations (WHO) Benchmarks for Osteopathic Education.   See WHO document here.

The Meridian Institute has several early books on Osteopathy on its website. You can read them here.